Despite years of turmoil, Detroit is quickly becoming a cultural hot spot full of free-thinkers, innovators, and boundary pushers.

We are here to share the city's unique perspective on style and culture.

Meet the team


Avery Naman


"Fashion has always played a big role in my life. Its an immediate, tangible way to express myself, and be creative every day. My father has always taught me the social and innate importance of being sharp at all times. That has translated into a deep passion for studying the art of clothing, and different ways to dress. That fact has then evolved into the creation of this site, where I hope to show you all the way I dress, inspire by showcasing the style of others, and document the local cultural context driving it forward."


Shawn Kaura





Mason Williams


"While I may not have always dressed well, for as long as I can remember I was always very particular about how I present myself. On top of this I have had a persistent drive towards creation and design. I have explored architecture, music, film, traditional art, and interior design but none have truly spoken to me more than fashion has. I hope that my passion for fashion as an art form can inspire others who might struggle with finding their calling. When we created La Vie Détroit, this is what I hoped to bring to the table."

Kishwar Basith

Graphic Design, Editor



Joseph Naman


Video Director, Writer, Photographer


ced meet team.jpg

Cedric Mutebi

Model, Writer, Photographer

"Fashion to me is more than just a form of art and self-expression, it’s a manifestation of one’s energy. What you wear symbolizes the type of energy you’re feeling that day and the type of energy you want to give off. Whether I’m super energized and ready to take on the world or I’m in “Hoodie Melo” mode inside of a bag, you can tell what type of energy I’m carrying. From a double breasted blazer to  cleanly tapered joggers, I love switching up my fashion to reflect my energy as well as my creativity. There is no perfect recipe for what you should wear because everyone is unique and that’s what I love about it!"



Derek Kello

Photographer, Financial Manager

“Fashion to me is just being yourself and looking cool while doing it.”