DRESS WELL VOL. 2: Fur of the Moment

Welcome to volume 2 of Dress Well, your new favorite weekly men’s style edit. This week we dive into the newest menswear craze, fur. Jackets incorporating fur were initially regarded to be a luxury only for opulent, rich women and 70’s style pimp-esque characters. However, in the modern age of fashion, fur has taken on a new aesthetic, adding an air of subtle elegance and luxury to an outfit. Fur seems like it has been everywhere and on everything these past few fall runway seasons, from full-sized coats to the linings of collars and the insides of jackets, boots, gloves, hats and even belts (we’re looking at you, Prada). Given the dominance of furs on the runway for the Fall 2017 season, the rise of fur’s appeal on the streets, and how often we work fur into our personal styles, it’s only right that we give our thoughts on it.

Avery: A couple jackets I find myself turning to often this winter have been my two fur-lined flight jackets; one made of navy wool with a shearling collar, and the other in black leather with a fur collar and inside lining. To say that I simply love these pieces would be an understatement. The silhouettes of the jackets add a rugged, military element, as well as a luxe feel due to the fur details. The dark, wholistic colors of the jackets means that they will match the color scheme of almost any outfit, and the fur adds an extra appeal. These are equal parts statement pieces and essentials. It was hard to pick just a few looks to represent these jackets, but I got it down to three.

1. In look one, I rock a grey, donegal-knit turtleneck, olive chinos, and chunky-soled wingtips under the navy shearling piece. The olive green pants play well with the jacket’s overall military vibe, while the wingtips and turtleneck dress up the look. Simple, yet impactful.

2. In look two, I wear a black crew neck sweater, houndstooth trousers and wingtip dress boots with my black leather and fur jacket. While this look employs mainly black and gray, the final product is anything but drab thanks to the finely detailed trousers and elegant jacket.

3. In look three, I go for a modern interpretation of some 70’s swagger. I pair my navy wool coat with a band collared shirt, a punchy, turquoise-blue sweater, some grey and navy plaid trousers, and chelsea boots to finish off the look. The combination of the shearling, plaid trousers, and my signature fists full of rings give the outfit that 70’s vibe, while the slim proportions and modern fit keep it 21st century.


Mason: Fur and faux fur have been hot items on the runways throughout 2015 and 2016 but they are really taking off in 2017. Fur is quickly becoming a staple both in the men’s and women's departments, due to its ability to give off an old-school boujee yet rugged appearance. While a designer fur may be much more expensive (not to mention somewhat unethical even in the case of faux fur) for most people to consider purchasing, there are some great alternatives. I find the best place for a 1930’s esque fur or faux fur coat is the thrift store. There’s always at least one of these jackets sitting lonesome on the rack just waiting for someone bold enough to cop it. Nevertheless, I’ve compiled a list of the unique ways that I rocked this 2017 runway trend.

1. Look one consists of black slim fit jeans that I cropped and roughed up, a very oversized forest green sweater, a denim shirt, black socks, some odd black dress shoes, my signature gold rings and a massive faux fur coat. This look is the perfect encapsulation of what I refer to as the "sad but affluent Ukrainian schoolboy thrust into poverty" look. I must say it is one of my favorite outfits and the fur is what really brings it together. I had been in the market for a faux fur jacket for over a year. My searches proved fruitless time and time again as either the color wasn't right or it was too long or too effeminate or too "zipper-y" until finally I stumbled upon this $18 steal at a local Salvation Army. It was exactly what I had been searching for, and to me, it was as if a golden light descended upon it like a halo of purity. I had to get it and I've been rocking it ever since. It's a fairly loud piece, and though I sometimes fear looking like a member of the Migos or an anti-animal rights activist, it is very warm and curiously versatile, working great with many outfits.

2. Look two on the other hand is much more toned down. It's essentially the antithesis of the first look as it’s a very blue collar construction worker type of outfit. The fur item here is a wool (made to resemble shearling) and denim jacket from Levi's. I paired this with black skinny jeans, leather wingtip boots, an oversized black hoodie and my rings to elevate the look. The oversized fit of the jacket allows it to be paired with a huge variety of outfits; however, I think it looks best with pullover hoodies of essentially any fit, color or pattern. It's a more average Joe kind of look in contrast to my often bold outfits. It is an outfit that really just allows me to know that I am stylish without attracting too much attention because sometimes you just cannot be bothered.


Shawn: Alas, the Top Gun staple has hit the streets once again. The beautifying faux fur collar jacket has found its way into my wardrobe this season. The prime of my 1970s fashion aura is fostered through the aesthetic I wish to pervade through influential layering and careful selection of color combinations. I feel as though my fashion sense this season is catered by those I look up to the most, i.e. the vintage aesthete. I chose to sport the faux fur coat because showing off such a piece not only encapsulates the entire outfit in a shell of fashion ballyhoo, but, also, because the coat allows the profile of my entire outfit to reach comfortable and satisfactory fruition. I have compiled a list of two looks that I have, and will continue to sport this season:

1. Look one: “Take Flight.” Here, I sport the jersey-boy look by combining the intentionally visible white T shirt, the blue knit sweater, the classic, neatly cuffed blue jeans, the faux fur collared jacket, and to finish it off, the Sandlot classic...Benny “the Jet’s” personal favorite: PF Flyers. The Flyers’ green lining and sporty touch allow the outfit to “take flight” as this distinct color combinations and long-time coming aesthetics come into play on the streets of Detroit.

2.Look two: “Timeless Classic.” In this retro staple, I combine the faux fur leather number, the vintage, mustard brown khakis, the anytime, gray, and thin mock-neck, and my chukkas...those boys are indefinitely timeless classics. (;