DRESS WELL: Superb Swimwear

Hanging out near some sort of body of water is a time honored human tradition that will never cease to be a fun social activity. With Independence Day coming up, and July just getting started, we can practically already taste the barbecue, and feel that misty breeze.  However, before we completely cannon-ball into summer parties, we must make sure the gear is on point. The pool or the beach has for too long been a place where style and taste are usually gutted for functionality. As a man of style, just any old water-resistant tubes of fabric and a tank top simply don’t cut it. But, thanks to the wave of brands making both stylish and functional trunks, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Dressing well at the summer function really comes down to two main factors: fit and fun. The shorts shouldn’t be the stereotypical, distasteful board of shorts of old, which were baggy and long. Instead, reach for a pair that are a little slimmer, and are cut above the knee. Don’t be concerned with “not having the legs to pull them off." The trick to rocking these well is to rock them with confidence. Extra style points for finding swim trunks with sartorial details like zippers, buttons, or side tabs. The idea is that you could leave the pool or beach, go into town, and still look cool.

That brings me to the second point, which is how fun the fit is. Summer parties are a time to really toss some flair into your outfit and not look out of place. Modern trunks come in a myriad of bright summer colors and awesome patterns, so go as crazy as you want. It goes without saying that stylish trunks mean an equally stylish shirt goes on top. Ditch the usual wife-beater and don something with a bit more panache. Toss on a fun tee, cool polo, or button down to compliment the trunks. Don’t worry about being too matchy-matchy color wise, just make sure your patterns don’t clash. Stride into the party shades on and shirt unbuttoned, and you’ll be ready to go!  

In short, just because you are taking the day off, doesn't mean your style has to. By mastering the well-fitting, yet still playful, semi-aquatic steez, you are sure to be a hit at every summer party. Have fun out there, and enjoy the sun!


avery namanComment