DRESS WELL: The Guide to a Stylish School Year

Fall is here and the school year is in full swing. Millions across the nation are currently attending college and high school, including your boys here at LVD. As Detroit and Wayne State University’s premier fashion writers, we know a thing or two about being the best dressed guys on campus. Most publications have released back-to-school guides based on monotonous, cookie-cutter looks. However, we know better than to do that. We understand the value of having different aesthetics and personal style, and this is seen especially within our own circle. Which is why we present to you a back-to-school editorial based upon different styles, looks, and life situations. So, whether you are dressing to express a love of fashion, to look good and feel confident, impress a cutie in your class, or all of the above, we have you covered. These outfits are all based on our own personal take on each situation, and we hope to inspire our readers to approach every day and setting this year with taste and individuality.

Lazy Day/Study Sessions

Shawn: What’s goody fans. Your boy here knows all too well that there are gonna be those days in school where you get up too late, are too tired to dress up, or you just have a lot of shit to do and need to be comfy. However, being a #cozyboy does not mean you have to sacrifice your style! For the chill days, put on some loungewear with purpose. Soft crewneck sweatshirts, sweet hoodies, chunky sweaters, and modern-cut sweats are essential for the look. Nowadays, there are so many options out there for you to be comfy and cool at the same time. So whether you’re posting up at the library, Netflix and chillin’, or catching some z’s in your 8am, these threads will do the trick.  


Job Fair

Avery: The whole point of an education is so that you are prepared to go out into the world and get a job. For these potential job fairs and interviews, a smarter look is essential. A well-fitting navy suit does all the talking for you, and goes well with just about any color you pair it with. It’s highly versatile, professional, and sharp. It will make you stand out in a sea of khakis and polos, and ensure you get that job. Stand up straight, go out there and get that money!


Every student needs a bag, of course. However, when shopping for a backpack, don’t get that same Jansport as your peers. Instead, reach for something with a bit more panache. Backpacks nowadays come correct in upgraded materials such as leather, cool patterns, or have interesting, rugged detailing. Or, if you want to be bold, reach for a tote bag instead! There is something out there for every taste and aesthetic.



Date Night Done Right

Mason: Congratulations, that cutie in your class just gave you the digits! For your nice date, the key is to elevate your personal style, rather than completely ignore it. The goal is to remain true to yourself by adding subtle details and changes to a more tailored outfit. On a nice dinner or first date it is important to find the balance between being too over-the-top, and too casual. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm your date with your outfit, it can distract them from getting to know the person underneath, so keep things simple, clean and true to yourself.

Sk8r Boi

Shawn: Listen up, fellas: for the coolest look on campus, go for the very in-style skater look. This look has been a popular aesthete among the youth, pairing rebellious edgy clothing with some reworked 90’s vintage pieces. Start with a good pair of classic sneaks and go up from there. Straight fit chinos or jeans cuffed up to your liking, big sweatshirts, flannels, and of course your trusty board are the key pieces to this look. Any basic bro can throw on a hoodie and some Vans, so make sure your look stands out and try to work in some fresh vintage garments. Your fit should be washed out, relaxed, and effortlessly cool. I’d also recommend working on your board skills before you get called out for being a poser.



For those days where it’s just a bad hair day, you couldn’t be bothered to style it, didn’t have time to, or you simply just want to cap off an outfit (literally) reach for a hat. There is no wrong way to rock some cool headgear. Go bold with a wide-brim felt number, reach for a beanie to add a relaxed element, or a dad cap for a modern streetwear edge.



Art Student

 Avery: For my boys out there who prefer the gallery to the frat party, this look is for you. You’re creative, cool, eclectic and want to show it off. For me, this means wearing more elegant pieces with something unexpected to pair it down. Be bold, and don’t be afraid to throw in some interesting detailing like strong prints or patterns, vibrant colors, or a cool tote to finish it off.

Edgy Boy On Campus

Mason: Lately an updated  grungy, punk and emo aesthetic has been coming back along with the wave of heavier music. This is one of my favorite styles and there is huge emphasis on DIY (peep my chain belt). Painted and studded leather jackets, customized denim in all its forms, bleached/dyed hair, dark colors juxtaposed by flashes of bright ones, as well as lots of hardware round out this look. This cultural revival stems from the political disaffection felt by the modern youths. Here I showcase some of my favorite ways to convey my internal angst.


For all my visually impaired brethren out there, it’s time to upgrade those frames. A pair of sophisticated frames are a tasteful touch that adds definition and shape to the wearer’s face, and gives off a cool studious vibe.



Modern Prep/Collegiate

Mason: School is a place where we spend much of our early lives learning how to succeed in a structured environment and how to navigate complex social landscapes. So of course it is a great point of reference for creating quality outfits. There are two primary preppy looks; the scholar with their buttoned to the top shirts, pleated pants, glasses, sweaters and the like, as well as the athlete with their v neck sweaters, varsity jackets and cardigans. To avoid looking like you’re wearing an actual school uniform, we recommend using interesting accessories and playing with proportion to differentiate yourself.


Everyone needs a good planner to keep their life and various assignments organized. For this purpose, the planners from Shinola are a no-brainer. They come in an array of handsome and bold colors, and have the added benefit of being able to be monogrammed for free. For my ideas notebook/journal, I also have a cool Shinola piece to do the job whenever I have something to jot down.




School Spirit Steez

Shawn: Only a true buffoon would try to tell you that school spirit is not stylish. Every bookstore is filled with pieces ready to unlock their steez potential. When school gear shopping, opt for the classic prints and fabrics, as this will make it easier to style. From there, go off and make it you own. Take that tee and toss your favorite cardigan on over it. Take that classic hoodie and make it fresh by layering a cool jacket over it. Most of all, don those colors proudly, and with some confidence! And if you plan on transferring anytime soon, proceed with caution.



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