Fall 2018 Women's Style Overview

Bringing on the female presence to La Vie, there was no better way to begin than with fall trends for 2018. Autumn may be the end of warm weather and golden skin but, it marks the beginning of layering, oversized everything and fashion’s best season of the year. Over the years, the trends for the crisp season have evolved, with runways bringing out the best in knits, prints and layering, and us at La Vie felt inspired to incorporate these trends into our everyday looks.


Gaining inspiration from the one and only Cher Horowitz, colorful plaid is back in again. The pattern’s pop of colors is on the rise this fall and we’re going anywhere from extreme to subtle with this trend. Plaid has come to be one of the most versatile prints and we’ve seen it styled numerous ways. We’re all for adding character to our outfits and plaid has just that effect. Collections such as Christian Dior, Versace, Michael Kors, and Balenciaga have been utilizing this look into their top runway moments this year. The girls from La Vie decided to take some of their favorite plaid pieces and pair them in everyday looks, especially highlighting the plaid pant, making it the statement piece of the outfit.


No longer does business wear consist of the plain dress shirt and slacks combination we’re used to. This fall, business meets pleasure as we delve into lower necklines, hemlines, and accentuating the look of the alpha female. Runway has seen women challenging traditional office looks and have taken their own spin on the idea. From the original YSL smoking suit, women have been taking business wear into their own hands, and now it’s the era of Alexander Wang, Off White, and Jaquemus to dress the female CEO.


Animal print is the perfect statement to any look. From leopard, to snake, to zebra this trend isn’t going anywhere due to the variety and the image it creates when paired properly with other pieces. Neutrality is major this fall, and animal print is the perfect balance between keeping this neutral tone while adding something fun to your wardrobe. We’ve seen animal print recycled over the decades of fashion and now more than ever with designers such as Victoria Beckham, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, and Prada accentuating this look within their seasonal collections. There’s no better time to bring out your inner spirit animal.


If there is one thing that is heavily hitting runways this year, it is outerwear. Designers are stressing statement jackets more than ever right now and we are living in the time of puffers, furs, layering and comfort. There is no better way to finish your outfit than with a coat that not only is warm but also turns heads when you step through that door. Sweater weather will always have its moment, and this year it’s the jacket’s time to stand out as well.


The return of punk has got to be one of the most exciting trends to come back into fashion. With labels such as Balenciaga, Dior, and Ann Demeulemeester tackling this look, it’s time for rebels to unite and serve us rocking, rip-your-heart-out fits. Punk has always been fashion’s symbol of defiance, and now more than ever, conformity is being thrown out the door.


Sweater weather has finally arrived and we are here for it! Knitwear is always in for fall, and this year we’re putting a twist on our favorite knitwear pieces. Don’t be afraid to be unique in your mom’s crocheted piece because that’s exactly what  La Vie girl Hailey Hayward did here. The details on her cardigan are enough to add character to the outfit. Knitwear allows you to twist comfort with elegance, and has been a trend that we have found ourselves constantly relying on decade after decade.

Words: Sasha Ashmianets

Photographs: Rachel Pitts

Models/Styling: Isabella Babbish, Alyssa Rogers, Marta Zalivsky, Sasha Ashmianets, Carrie Paveglio, Bella Naman, Hailey Hayward

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