Fall 2018 Men's Style Overview

The seasons change and so do fashion trends. This fall/winter you can expect new looks, fabrics and ideas that haven’t hit the runway in decades. More than ever before, designers are referencing past cultural eras in their collections. In these modern times, nostalgia holds a certain air of futurism; designers are looking backwards for context in order to push culture forward. This means that dressing well in the 21st century involves taking old ideas and reinventing them, bringing a new era to the fashion industry.


Workwear and utilitarian garments have seen an enormous reemergence in 2018. The trend was kick-started on the streets of Tokyo and Paris, and is now reaching peak relevance through famous Instagram models who pave the way for fashion trends each season. Designer names like Junya Watanabe, Lanvin, Visvim, Calvin Klein and Burberry all incorporated elements of these blue-collar styling into their men’s collections with pieces such as Calvin Klein’s fireman’s jacket, or Junya’s collaborations with brands like Carhartt and Levi’s. Workwear is being utilized in new, innovative ways by combining high-end fashion with harsh, workable materials. Avery took this contemporary idea and put it to use; his turtleneck paired with Carhartt cargo bottoms join two vastly different mediums into a cohesive look. We can expect this new trend to take full swing this fall/winter.


It is obvious that the old has found its place in the present. Formal clothing and old world patterns like plaid have seen their resurgence on runways with collections like Versace, Hermes and Ralph Lauren debuting their own take on this timeless yet fresh trend. Additionally, you can see 80/90’s oversized suit jackets tying into the old-meets-new movement. In 2018 some of the coolest looks can contain an element of old school and more traditional pieces, just imagined in newer ways by a new generation. So, whether you’re looking to dress up or dress down, suit jackets are being worn both ways this season.


The last word to describe this season’s color palette is dull. Neon has taken over the runway and street style, and we are seeing people in bold colors and eccentric hues. This is an entirely new interpretation of what we know as the vibrancy of the 80’s. Streetwear moguls like Bella Hadid, Lukas Sabbat and many more have embraced this timeless concept. Comme Des Garçons, Kenzo, MSGM, Versace, Palm Angels and so many more have expressed this eccentric trend in their latest collections. Neon will definitely have a special place in the coming year.


Sticking to the basics and pulling out some of our favorite knitwear pieces is a go-to for the fall/winter season. In menswear, we have seen the versatility of the sweater all over the runways; whether it be dressed up for an event or a casual, thrown-on garment, we can always rely on this trend to stay. This fall/winter, cartoons, graphic designs and punchy colorways intersected with standard knitwear to bring new life to such a classic item. Popular names like Calvin Klein, Gucci, and Raf Simons collaborated with cartoon influences like Looney Tunes and Mickey Mouse to create unique finds. This trend will influence fashion to be more creative, elaborate and extravagant.

As the new year approaches, we can see old ideas being contrasted with styles that have never been seen before in menswear. Fashion has become more colorful and elaborate in comparison to years past. Explore your creativity and don’t be afraid to follow a crazy trend.

Words: Vincent Dolgikh

Photos: Matt Banka

Models/Styling: Avery Naman, Reginald Hawkins, Vincent Dolgikh, Marco Santella

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