Let's Go to the Movies: Fashion Inspired by Film

Ah, the cinema. Nothing moves the needle of culture quite like the movie industry. The silver screen has long been the backdrop for a multitude of artistic inspirations, one of the top among those is clothing. Costume design and styling of a movie plays an important role in the overall aesthetic and merit of the film. Without striking and considered costume design and styling, many films would lose some of their depth. As art imitates life and vice versa, often times the clothing of a movie becomes somewhat iconic and carries over into the wardrobe of the adoring patrons. Designers become enamored with the ideas and vision displayed in certain movies, and will often design collections that correspond with the film or its ideas. Other times, a character becomes a fashion icon for the reason that a human in real life wants to imitate their wardrobe because of it has practical wearability. Whatever the reason or however it is presented, it is no secret that fashion and cinema exist intertwined in a symbiotic relationship. We here at LVD, lovers of all things contextual, cultural, and fashionable, decided to style an article that references some of the cinematic moments that inspire us to dress the way we do. Enjoy!

Blade Runner

The aesthetic of Ridley Scott’s neo-noir, sci-fi cult classic film is highly influential. The film’s dark and dystopian look at the future has provided inspiration for subcultures like cyberpunk. We decided to style fits based on this noir-meets-futuristic-meets-industrial aesthete. The film’s setting is dense, dreary and ominous with hints of neon brightness illuminating through certain spots. We utilized clothing that has a dark base and worked in flashes of blinding color to achieve a look that is fit for meandering around 1982’s vision of 2019 Los Angeles. Just let us know if you see any replicants.

The Matrix

A beacon of original storytelling and boundary pushing film making, The Matrix is truly an iconic cinematic moment. The Wachowski brothers’ twisted digital world has maintained a special status culturally to this day, almost 20 years since its original release. As relevant as the plot, direction, and invention of this movie is the costume design. The sci-fi stunner was styled using a color palette of almost exclusively black and heavy utilized leathers, nylons, and rubber. Complimenting the dark palette of the clothing were the unforgettable tiny wire sunglasses. The Matrix is having a surging impact on streetwear in 2018. Celebrities, such as the Hadid sisters, have been giving the aesthetic a heavy cosign as of late. Many designers such as Demna Gvasalia of Vetements and Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, and Virgil Abloh of Off-White have been showcasing collections utilizing elements reminiscent of the film’s signature aura. We highly suggest trying your own take on this badass look!

Romeo + Juliet

Baz Luhrmann in the late 90’s brought the classic Shakespearean tale of love and tragedy into the modern era with Romeo + Juliet. The vibrant yet turbulent world of Verona Beach was a playground for the on-screen rival families, the Montagues and Capulets, and it also serves as an unlikely backdrop for great style inspiration. The film has become cited recently as a hotbed for menswear references. The Montague boys’ love of flowy, vibrant and bombastically loud short sleeve button downs remains the most iconic look from the film. As fashion is seeing a return of 90’s sportswear being en vogue, the loud printed shirt has been everywhere, with many citing R+J as an inspiration. As fall comes around, we will have to unfortunately put them away until next summer. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

The Great Gatsby

There have been plenty of adaptations on the silver screen of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel which is centered around the opulent lifestyles of New York socialites during the Gilded Age. In both film and the novel, a great deal of emphasis is put on Gatsby and the auxiliary character’s wardrobes, and for good reason. One can imagine that a perk of being in such a position financially as Jay Gatsby or Daisy would be the ability to stunt in the finest bespoke garments money can buy. In the 20’s, this meant proper Ivy League style suiting in a classy cut with dashing colors and/or patterns. Ladies would be draped in smart, sophisticated clothing with a feminine edge. Here, we bring the idea into the 21st century. A plaid suit screams 20th century, classic American prep, while the slim, double breasted cut and tee underneath keeps it from being stuffy. A classy jewel toned overcoat is brought to life by an unexpected punch of leopard print. When styled correctly, the look exudes the confidence of an aristocrat, and simultaneously shows off the sartorial chops of a fashion expert. But of course, you don’t need to take my word for it, old sport.

Words: Avery Naman

Styling: Sasha Ashmianets, Vincent Dolgikh, Reginald Hawkins, Avery Naman

Photos: Matthew Banka, Rachel Pitts, Joseph Naman

Models: Vincent Dolgikh, Reginald Hawkins, Avery Naman, Mason Williams, Marco Santella, Sasha Ashmianets, Rachel Pitts, Carrie Paveglio, Shawn Kaura

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