Fall/Winter ‘20: Just Trying to Get Home

Temperatures are starting to drop. Pictures of people at the cider mill run your Instagram feed. Football is on. Grown adults are on Twitter talking about “spooky season.” It’s all too familiar. Take a deep breath and take it all in. That’s right: fall is here, and it’s time to really start dressin’. All memes aside, we at La Vie, like most in this wonderful zeitgeist we inhabit of obsessing over clothes, know that we just entered prime fit season. Myself, I’m embarrassed at the extent of how excited I am just to wear a damn coat. 

In that spirit, when coming up with a concept for fall and winter style we didn’t want to dress up in a bunch of outfits that only reflect trends and hype. We value personal style and encourage dressing for your life, your way. This lookbook is inspired by the real fall fits, the ones we are actually wearing. From the early days when the weather is confusing to the ones where Mother Nature turns the AC on full blast. Fits for those days where you are doing nothing, to ones for the days where you have to move from school to work to wherever. No matter where we go or what we do, at the end of the day we are all just trying to get home. 

Words: Avery Naman

Styling/Modelling: Alyssa Rogers, Nefertiti Luakabuanga, Vincent Dolgikh, Daniel Garmo, Mason Williams, Avery Naman

Photos: Petra Alam, Nefertiti Luakabuanga

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