WHAT THEY WORE: The Rock Show by Alt Nubian

On April 13th, 2018 an eclectic group of Detroit’s most creative youths congregated to The Hamtramck Korner Bar to enjoy great live music together. The concert, The Rock Show, was hosted by Wayne State’s premier music collective, Alt-Nubian, and sponsored by yours’ truly.  The night was one to remember. Everyone was like one great big family intent on having the best possible time together. We have an article in our “Art & Culture” section detailing the event in full as well as discussing the artists, and ideas behind The Rock show. Here. however, we’ll be focusing exclusively on the style.  

Concerts and festivals are some of the best events to observe self-expression through the dress of those in attendance.  They are big events, at which most people try to put on their best or most expressive outfits. With such a diverse group of young creatives, there were lots of distinct looks to behold.  While we were not able to get shots of every great outfit of the evening, here we have compiled some of our favorite looks. Check them out in the gallery below!


  • Mason