{CULTURE} The Wayne State Diag: More Than A Walkway

Ah, Wayne State University in the summer. Contrary to popular opinion, campus is bustling with activity as students head to classes, and researchers and faculty from all over the nation gather in the various venues to discuss society’s current scientific anomalies and problems. As the day wears on, people begin to gather around the fountain court, an area lush with foliage strategically placed in the proverbial center of campus. Affectionately known as the Quad, the area is surrounded by prominent university buildings: the Mort Harris Recreational Center and the Student Center to the north, State Hall and the Prentis Building to the east, and the David Adamany Undergraduate Library to the south. This makes the Quad the go-to hangout for many students, as it is easily accessible to almost everyone. The balance of concrete and foliage generates a natural ambiance that makes the Quad an ideal place to spend time, whether that be relaxing in a hammock with a book, or participating in outdoor group yoga. Over the years, many organizations have planned events in the Quad, making it the most active and social place on campus. The focal point of the quad is the large marble and granite fountain. The fountain serves as an atmospheric pillar, tying the foliage and concrete together, in a synergy that leads to an overall air of serenity and relaxation. The concrete paths of the quad provide a sense of unity, tying the area together, so that anyone spending time at the quad never really feels alone. The Quad serves as one of the many oases in the city, and due to Wayne State being a public campus, the Quad is a treasured part of not just the university, but all of Detroit. The Quad is a beautiful balance of artificiality and natural beauty, and is one of Detroit’s most underrated cultural hotspots. 


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