The Rock Show: A Collision of Culture

It’s Friday night, and The Korner bar in Hamtramck is alive and jumpin’. Droves of creatives from around the city filed into the cozy venue for an event indicative of the diverse aesthetics in Detroit’s youth culture. “The Rock Show” was an inspirational event. It was an example of differing perspectives harmoniously existing amongst each other; proving that the kids are talented, and they just want to have fun. This generation is tired of the hogwash of the mainstream. Instead, they desire to create, and support others who do the same. At The Rock Show, this mentality came to fruition.

The night was headlined and hosted by a new-age hip-hop collective known as Alt Nubian. The gang is a tight-knit crew who are dedicated to pushing boundaries with their inventive sound, and promoting the works of their friends trying to make a difference through art. On this night, the boys successfully fulfilled their mission.


The concert itself had an impressive and multifarious array of talent on display. DJ’ing throughout the night was seanymack, a talented producer and musical curator extraordinaire. BJH_Lit took the stage and got the crowd going with his fun, carefree persona and banging trap rap stylings. Kinda Cute stole the show with their grungy, garage rock sound. Captwolf killed their set of hype, swaggering rap. Mark Whalen and the Buttermilk Boys came through with their style of wavy, dreamy alternative rock. Headliners Alt Nubian absolutely tore down the house with their high-energy performance and lyricism. Chef Malcolm impressed with his conscious bars and incredible flow. Bleeding Hearts Club brought the noise with hard-hitting and aggressive rap music that had the crowd wildly moshing. Who Boy closed out the night with their soft, and pleasant indie rock songs.

This manifold of sounds on display represents a significant facet of our current zeitgeist. The night transcended and constantly jumped over the construct of genre. Kids from many different scenes of music taste came together to appreciate the night’s performers and enjoy life together. Fans of multiple races and cultural factions were all standing together in support of each other’s art. In such times of divisiveness, it is reassuring to take part in an event where differences are put aside, and everyone rocks out together. The kids are talented, they just wanted to have fun, and we did.

avery namanComment