The Lay of the Launch


If I, Shawn Kaura the First, had to describe the LVD Launch Party in no more than two words, they would be: subtle banger. The event started off as a result of a crazy idea Avery and I had to merge the different styles on campus into one platform where free expression and varied tastes can all meet, unite, collaborate, build, link, team tf up, and, ultimately, create! The launch event to me was unique I️n itself because there was such a cross collaboration of different styles, visions, and interests that everyone who came found something to do and something to love about their time there. Whether I️t was putting their idiosyncratic twist to the mural, or taking quirky, expressive photos I️n the photo booth, or listening to one of our many amazing live performers, or, simply, talking amongst each other and learning more about what the city and this organization have to offer. 

Now that y’all have a glimpse to what we had brewing up last weekend, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. The first aspect of the event I want to talk about is the mural. How badass was that? The mural was a crazy idea because it became exactly what I envisioned it would be. The base of the canvas was white, but one of our very own artists/stylists- Masón- drew the logo in the middle and then us and the art connoisseurs went dumb on it! We threw a bunch of random stuff on there, our friend Julia drew the Renaissance Center, a couple kids messed with the logo a little bit adding famous brand names to the LVD logo, and a couple kids drew dicks, but, hey, what’s a mural without a couple dicks, am I right? Ha. The mural truly showed how unique and expressive we all are, and it stands as a symbol for the organization: a platform by which people can collaborate and make unique, dope shit. See on the surface, people just look and act like people, but the second you create a space for people to be expressive, you see what talents people hold/hide and what that can really bring to the table when you allow it. Truly a job well done! And I’m patting myself on the back for the idea to do the mural. 
Next up on cool shit that happened that you probably missed was the photo Booth! This wasn’t just any photo booth…. no, sir.. this was a ~edgy~ photo booth because it was just a camera and some good lighting lol. I thought adding the photo booth was a good idea because at least, for me, I am a big memories guy. I think it’s key to have a ton of memories, and a plethora of stuff to help you remember those memories, whether it be minute, big, phat, skinny, or whatever. Check out the photo gallery in Hit the Streets  to see how all of these unique, cutesy kids enjoyed and styled themselves at the Launch event. Man, viewer discretion is highly advised… we had some characters come through lmao. 


Finally, we had one of the coolest things I’ve ever done/seen, and it was the live music that went on. Believe I️t when I️ say that Detroit has one of the most popping emerging music scenes I️n the nation. First, my boy with a real knack for DJ'ing, seanymack, held it down with his music selection throughout the night! The kid is a professional vibe creator, and can rock some overalls like no other. Next, let’s talk about Alt Nubian. Those Alt boys know how to work a mic! Their music has so much passion and love it’s hard not to bop so hard every time they hit the stage. I️ am I️n love not only because those kids love what they do so much, but because I️'ve seen the come up first hand! We had Elijah (aka Hajile) Busta Rhymin’ his busting rhymes, and we had Kamau (aka srchengn) with his smooth spoken word, sparkin up something nice. All of those guys are my old friends from high school and middle school and to go through these different stages of life with them warms me up, man. Alright, I️ mean, it’s not like y’all didn’t know that bjh_lit gets friggin wild, but, boy! This kid is an absolute monster on the mic! My man has a way with words that will have you screaming! He did this cool bit with the crowd where he had them give him three random words and he was gonna freestyle off of that. We were all standing there with our hands in our pockets thinking this guy is off his rocker… there’s no chance. He got the words: Cadillac, penis, and Aquafina. Let me tell ya… my boy made it happen! Watch the video below to see how dumb bjh_lit went. If not for anything else, we had the rebirth of the Strokes, the pretty boys with the laid-back, vintage style, the melodious maniacs with a knack for working the stage, the groovin’ and movin’ Brother Son boys. Franky Harrington up top, Jim on the base, Drewzy on the keys, and big guy Chris in the back on the drums, put together a show that capped off the whole night. Those guys are gonna make it big because they know their speed, they know what they want, and I think the world is their oyster. Love em man. 
That was the party, folks. I could say more, but I don’t want to. Over and out. Until we meet again. Signing off. Pow pow. 

Love, SAK

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