Détroit is the New Black x La Vie Détroit: A Lookbook Inspired By the City

Detroit has been through some major changes in the last few years. This shift was set in motion by stubborn visionaries who saw the our city as a diamond in the rough, as others saw nothing but a broken husk of its former self. Roslyn Karamoko is one of the many many individuals responsible for Detroit’s renaissance, and her brand, Détroit is the New Black is indicative of the city’s re-identification.

Détroit is the New Black is most famous for their bold logo tees that highlight Detroit’s storied history and underdog status, however they also frequently collaborate with other designers and have a very diverse product line. Everything they create is extremely high quality, the textiles they choose are particularly soft and durable. Their brand aesthetic is clean and modern without sacrificing its’ roots in the city’s culture. The clothes are not the only way Détroit is the New Black contributes to this culture. At their location on Woodward Avenue, they host a multitude of cultural events, and display a multitude of local art, that brings attention to the artist behind the work; Leon Dickey, as well as heightening the atmosphere of the store. On top of this, they also sell other designers from detroit, as well as promote collaborative collections with designers from all over. They have even designated portions of their retail space to local coffee roasters Coffee Haus and barbershop The Social Club while they were renovating their original location.

Détroit is the New Black is a clothing line that is all about the culture of our city, which is why they were a perfect partner for us here at La Vie Détroit. They allowed us to choose pick out some pieces to style for our first LVD x DITNB lookbook.

-Mason Williams

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