Not Sorry Apparel: Making the Past Fresh Again

In 2018, the grips of elitist fashion culture has broken the dam of niche interest, flooding rapidly into the mainstream. What this means is that an already competitive market is being oversaturated with options and trends. However, this phenomenon is seeing resistance and pushback from visionaries and auteurs whose favorite pieces in their wardrobe and most recent purchases have a story, a past. The “trend” of vintage is no coincidence. It is a practical, cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable way to dress both with style and individuality. Dressing in vintage clothing exhibits a certain attitude: one that is countercultural, unapologetic and unique.

This is where the ladies of Not Sorry Apparel come in. Not Sorry Apparel was founded by Jessica Minnick and Dy-Min Johnson in 2016. Their mission is to combat the fast fashion problem by rebranding or repurposing vintage clothing to create a fresh, one-of-a-kind piece for their customers. ”Fashion is the number two pollutant in the world,” Jess explained to us, “You can spend your money on a fast fashion piece that millions of others will have and is incredibly bad for the environment, or, you can come here or thrift something and look so much more unique, all while reducing waste.” Not Sorry’s mission besides sustainability is to promote individuality, and to be one’s self, unapologetically. The moniker is empowering, the tone is strong. At Not Sorry, there are not just clothes, but a thematic attitude around what they do. They upcycle for the thrill of being able to breath new life into a garment once discarded, and the intangible idea of sparking an innate feeling of conviction and power in the wearer. The phrase “Not Sorry” is an incredibly bold statement to make, and by donning those words the wearer gains a new air of confidence.

Not Sorry Apparel’s ideas are catching on quickly. They’ve recently moved to a collaborative showroom/creative space at the Ponyride office in Corktown. They invited us down to show us their creative process, and even gave us some pieces to style in our own way! The lookbook below is how we all put it together:

Words by Avery Naman


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